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Don’t let a clogged drain cause you headaches. Get our hard-working and honest workers on the job.

Not a Side Service

Drain cleaning is our main service. We can do it faster and better than most others.

Our Tools

Having the right equipment can make a job that much easier, which is why we use our own.

V & R Drain Cleaning Ltd: 
Drain Cleaner in Chilliwack & Throughout the Fraser Valley

When you have a clogged drain, V & R Drain Cleaning Ltd is the company to call. We have been serving Chilliwack and the surrounding areas since 1993. Our specialty is drain cleaning; in fact, it’s the main service of our business. We are the best and most professional drain cleaner in Chilliwack. We provide our services to many different clients, including:




And more

Special Techniques

Through our many years of experience, we have developed our own special techniques in drain cleaning. The details are secret, but rest assured it has served us and our clients well over the many jobs we have performed. We use our own equipment rather than renting anything which would raise the cost to you and could be less reliable for getting the job done.

Better Prices

Because we are specifically dedicated to cleaning drains rather than being general plumbers, we can offer better prices. We specialize in these services, so it will take us less time to do the job over a plumber who only does it as a side service.

A Truly Clean Service

When we finish a job, we make sure to clean up the site. In fact, we leave it so clean that some of our previous clients have asked if we do house cleaning services. We do not, but we’re happy to leave our work site cleaner than you can believe. If you are in need of a drain cleaning service, call us today.

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