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Drain Your Troubles

Don’t let a clogged drain cause you headaches. Get our hard-working and honest workers on the job.


Cleaning Pipes with a Power Auger in Abbotsford & Throughout the Fraser Valley

Electric Power Augers

At V & R Drain Cleaning Ltd, we make sure to use the proper equipment to get the job done correctly. Electric power augers are amazing tools; we can cut tree roots, clean pipes and reach long distances with the proper power auger in Abbotsford.

We have a variety of power augers; we carry at least 5 different size machines in each of our vans. Each machine uses different size cables for different size pipes, starting as small as 1" pipes to 6" diameter, and reach distances up to 200'. Knowing which machine to use, and which bit to put on the end, is very important in order to do the job properly.

Electronic Locator & Pipe Inspection Camera

Electronic radio locators are important tools. By sending a radio transmitter down a pipe, we can then trace the way the pipe is going. This is very useful for contractors or homeowners that are renovating or expanding and need to find out where a sewer pipe is if they are adding a bathroom in a different part of the house or another building. We also use it to find where a problem is in the sewer pipes or locate septic tanks. Why spend time and money digging all over when most of the time you are nowhere near the pipe? But like any tool, you need a professional to use it properly.

Pipe inspection cameras are very useful tools. They allow you to see if the pipes are cleaned properly or to find out why a pipe keeps plugging up. A pipe inspection can save the customer a lot of money by identifying the problem and the reason for the problem with the pipe in question. We can also provide a recording if a customer is not on the site and we can also put a voice to the video to explain what you are seeing as we go down the pipe.

Water Jetting Unit

Water Jetting Unit

Water jetting works by spraying water backwards under pressure in the pipe. This removes debris from inside your pipes instead of pushing it forward. Jetting units are not applicable to every job, but when they are you get amazing results. With a jetting unit, you also need a variety of nozzles. There are many different kinds and some for every application.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us.

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